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twin oaksby C. Z. Brackett


Book 1: Murder at Twin Oaks


Journalist Victoria James usually only writes about crime for her small town daily newspaper. When two of the town’s most influential people are killed and clues start showing up on Victoria’s doorstep, she’s forced into the investigation and must come face-to-face with part of her past she’d rather forget.

“Her easygoing style draws me in and makes me ask for more, please!!”

“She simply takes you along on this ride….you will devour the book up!”

“Excellent read with great suspense!”

 Book 2: Murder at the Masquerade

Victoria James thought she could hang up her detective cap after helping solve a double murder. The next murder in Bennettsville hits closer to home as her boss is killed and a close friend wrongly accused of his murder. 

“CZ Brackett has written another gem! Her stories pull me in and keep me turning pages, I cannot wait for book three to come out. Brava!”

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Book 3: Murder in Threes

Victoria James attempts to throw herself into her work and leave the mystery solving to the professionals, but once again, she finds herself stumbling into one of Jefferson Hawes’ crime scenes. This time, there are three dead deputies. After the murders are solved, they leave more questions than answers. 

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Session for kindleBook 4: Murder in Session


Victoria James has found herself too close to murder in the last few months of her life. As she contemplates resigning her job, Victoria wonders if all the recent murders are connected especially when the mayor and city council chairman wind up dead.

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Special Edition-01 kindleBook 5: Murder Special Edition


In five months, journalist Victoria James has been embroiled in several high-profile murders in her tiny town. But this time, the murder is personal. Will she find out the truth before the killer reaches her?

“I like the style of these novellas. We see the action, and follow Victoria along her dangerous path. They are great diversions, and this latest one is very satisfying!”

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Chambers-01 (1)Book 6: Murder in Chambers

Murder never seems to come in single doses in the tiny town of Bennettsville. With a few suspects behind bars, Victoria James thought the killings were over, but she was wrong. There’s a vendetta behind this one as a prominent judge is found hanging from the rafters in his chambers and a district attorney is found at a nearby pond.
“I enjoyed the love triangle and may have been the only person not surprised with how everything worked out. Can’t say more without giving away the plot but even having a good suspicion about what would happen, the writing was good enough to keep me engaged to the end. I don’t know when I’ve read a better account of grief.”

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CIR: What was your inspiration?

BRACKETT: I’ve always loved mysteries. Nancy Drew was the first series I ever read, and I devoured each of the novels. As I grew up, I read as many different types of mysteries as I could find. Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot were also favorite characters. When developing my central character, I drew on some of the things I knew from my real life. I’ve spent 26 years writing for newspapers and magazines, so it seemed only natural for Victoria James to be a journalist. My mythical town isn’t completely based on where I live, but my hometown has certainly had its share of corruption and scandals as seen in this novella series.

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