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Kate Lemanski’s world has been shattered with one family problem after another. When she inherits her family’s log home in West Michigan, she returns to the river property to make a new start and to put the pieces of her life back together.

As soon as she meets the handsome stranger who lives through the wooded path, Kate immediately feels a connection, but is unsure of what it is. Living alone in the woods along a river presents some challenges, but it isn’t long before she begins to feel like herself again. When she starts to dig into her family tree, a long-time hobby, she discovers some new and unsettling facts. But what does it all mean for her and her new found relationship with the man next door?

“If you just want a well written story that entertains and engrosses you, this is it. The setting is true to life and the characters REAL.”

“Bent Pine Lodge indeed has tangled roots, so if you’re into genealogy, or if you wish you knew more about your family tree than you do, (but maybe you’re too afraid to find out what’s hidden there), then you’ll enjoy reading this book. Mystery? Got it. Suspense? It’s there. History? Romance? Check, check. You’ll be glad this isn’t a standalone novel, but a trilogy!”


The antique shop along the shore of Lake Michigan had always been a source of pride and comfort for Audrey, but lately she can’t shake the feeling that something was wrong or about to change.

Audrey had been raised in foster homes and had learned to take care of herself at an early age. She was now a strong and independent young woman, but was that enough? She was beginning to feel that there was something lacking in her life. She should be happy; she had a fantastic business, wonderful friends, and made a comfortable living. No one could ask for more. Life in the small town of Fox Hill was relaxing and slow-paced, so what was wrong? Audrey was about to learn that she had to pay more attention to her woman’s intuition. Someone or something was trying to warn her. Her nerves were frazzled and oftentimes the hairs on her arms stood up as if trying to alert her. Was it to something sinister? Should she be looking out for trouble, or will there be an exciting change coming her way? After discovering some interesting antiques, she feels compelled to dig through old records to search for answers, but will those answers solve her questions or someone else’s?

“Lots of intrigue, great characters I’d love to get to know “in person,” and an interesting plot to boot. If you’re from Michigan, you’ll enjoy the author’s depiction of that portion of the state. If you’re not from Michigan, you might end up planning your next vacation to the spot. Dunes & Dont’s was a great way to feed my genealogy loving, family mystery loving soul.”

“A wonderful, love affirming novel. An engaging, emotionally fulfilling story.”


Will and Nora have a wonderful relationship, but lately there’s never enough time for just the two of them. Will decides he needs a change, and sets out to convince Nora that buying an old mansion in Michigan and running it as a bed and breakfast is the best thing for their marriage. Even though it’s a long way from Ohio, Nora finally gives in and decides to go along with Will’s crazy idea.
Soon she falls in love with the mansion and can’t imagine living anywhere else, but life along the lakeshore isn’t all that she had thought it would be. Even though she is settling in and making friends, Nora is assaulted with challenges she never dreamed she would have to face. And Will’s old friend Chase is one of them. His unsettling stare unnerves her, and she begins to wonder if he has a hidden agenda.

Nora is curious about the portraits of the original owners from the 1850s, which are hanging on the walls. The hair stands up on her arms whenever she passes one of them. Something is going on in this house, and Nora needs to find out what. She reaches out to a guest at the inn to help her discover the secrets of the past, which may resolve the problems of the present.

“A delightful read and sweet love story, with some unexpected twists and turns that kept me anxiously reading the next chapter and the next!! Great characters- felt like they became my friends too! I want to go stay at The Kindred Spirit Bed and Breakfast and explore the grounds and the local town!”

“This, the third in the trilogy, was definitely the most complex with very well developed characters. There is much love and tragedy, drama, and suspense with twists and turns you never see coming.”


Author Note: The cover of book one depicts a bent pine which was actually in my back yard. Bending pines were used by Indians to mark trails, to help lost souls find their way. In Michigan these trees are a treasure to find. This story line uses the theme of finding one’s path while untangling family history.