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There’s a new King in town!

That’s the good news. The bad news is that Will Bradshaw has problems. He’s new on the job but he’s already made enemies with a fire breathing dragon. His friends aren’t much better; goblins whose favorite pastime is messing things up, trolls with anger management issues, an over-achieving fire scepter and an uncooperative magic mirror.

Aside from that, all he has to worry about is a war. And that’s the trouble. Throughout recorded history the goblins have never won a battle, let alone a war. But this things are going to be different this time. William Bradshaw is determined to win using every means at his disposal, including stealth, subterfuge and exploding outhouses.

“The goblins and trolls are hilarious. Will, the main character has a sense of humor and common sense, giving the story an extra punch.”

“What a fun romp through a fine fantasy. Goblins and trolls, lawyers and idiot kings, this has loads of fun in store for readers.”


Will Bradshaw is still stuck being King of the Goblins, but there’s a new threat to him and his friends. He’s just learned that the Bottle of Hope is hidden somewhere in his kingdom. The bottle can heal any injury or illness, a prize so great that adventurers, treasure hunters and thieves are flooding into the kingdom to steal it. Even worse, a force of unspeakable evil is after the Bottle of Hope and seeks to destroy it.

“Arthur Daigle has a writing style that is engaging and easy to read. The William Bradshaw series is a rare gem that can delight an audience from age 8 to 80.”

“Its not only an adult book, but it’s great for people of all ages. Even my 8 year old. He loves when I read to him about Will, the Goblins and the Trolls. This is action packed and oh so hilarious.”

Author note: There is a common theme in fantasy novels, movies and video games, and that is the Item of Ultimate Evil. These things are hanging around in caves, dungeons, dragon lairs and the like, just waiting to ravage the world when some jerk picks them up. Items of Ultimate Evil are so common you have to wonder if there is a factory somewhere churning them out. I wanted to write a story where there was an Item of Ultimate Good. I also wanted to explore the problems involved in having something so powerful, like people trying to steal it from you or begging for your help.