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Simply Mad 2

Madeline Heard wants what many girls want—a little respect, a boost in her career, and to find a guy to share happily ever after. When she gets a sudden promotion at work, it looks like things might finally be going her way…until she realizes the job is not at all what she expected.

Working for the perpetually tan, fitness-crazed Kent Cooper might be the least of her worries, though. Her spotlight-stealing sister-in-law is back in town, and her mother is bent on believing a crazy misunderstanding. To top it off, while she’s looking for Mr. Right, her relationship with her friend Josh might be threatening her chances of discovering real love.

There’s a fine line between hanging on for dear life and standing up for herself. Can she find a way to have everything she wants, or should she be careful what she wishes for?

“Laugh out loud crazy stuff.”

“Funny, uplifting, romantic and true to life.”

Author note: This up-coming series is really inspired by The Camdyn Series, my first four novels. At the end of the fourth book, one of the main characters ends up leaving Tennessee and settling in a new place. That place is Wonder Lane in a suburb of Louisville, Kentucky, and this series follows three lovely ladies who happen to live on that street.