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Don’t change her plan.

Rebecca Martin, a high-powered executive chef, doesn’t want her widowed mom to lose their family home. There might be a way through: open a restaurant in her home town. That way, she’ll achieve her lifelong dream of running a restaurant, and her mom will have an income.

Then she meets the contractor: her now-successful ex.

Johnny Cash Williams is the local do-it-all man. He hangs drywall and nails down roofing shingles, sporting a bushy beard and a million-dollar grin. Cash knows how to rewire a house, but he doesn’t know how to handle the sparks when his old flame returns to Yearly.

The town’s not big enough for the two of them, but they have to learn to make things work.

“From the cutest “meet cute” I’ve read in a long time, through some great twists and turns, the author put up just the right amount of roadblocks and misunderstandings for our characters to overcome.”

“The characters were so believable. I could feel everything they were feeling. Their heart ache their confusion. Their pain. The loss of a loved one is never easy but Cash grew from that loss and realized he could love Rebecca again. I totally loved their love story!”


Secrets and small towns don’t mix.

Leah Martin has a secret that she’s not ready to admit to the world: she’s pregnant. Leah has always wanted to be a mom, but the circumstances are all wrong. When a local contractor, Beau Hill, bumps into her at the doctor’s office two towns over, Leah is certain it won’t be long before all of Yearly knows her private business. So she corners the handsome handyman and demands he keep her pregnancy news quiet until she’s ready to tell.

Beauregard Franklin Hill, or “Beau” to those who know him best, is a pragmatic man. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Yet, when he inadvertently stumbles into Leah Martin’s private life, he knows he has to do something to help the new mom. The only problem? Beau doesn’t know how to assemble a baby shower, and he’s in way over his head.

They both just might fall head-over-heels into happily ever after.

“The story just flowed beautifully. Some of the dialogue was so funny at times that I just fell in love with these two as well.”

“I’ve read some of Ms. Brumley’s stories in other genres, so I was curious to see what she would do with a contemporary romance. She nailed it, giving romance readers all the elements we love: a sympathetic girl with baggage, a guy kind enough to accept her, an attractive and rich ex muddling up things, and a cozy town (with a few too many snooping ears and flapping lips) to handle an embarrassment like an unexpected pregnancy. Don’t worry. Despite that plot point, the book is refreshingly clean!”

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